Therapeutic Yoga is a healing practice that analyzes and responds to the unique history of the individual student. That student’s history is manifest in the skeleton, the joints, and the vital organs and, in fact, all the systems of the body.  History has uniquely affected the natural curves of the spine, producing in some cases injury and misalignment of the vertebral column. This, in turn, may affect the muscular strength and alignment of the shoulder and pelvic girdle. Therapeutic Yoga carefully assesses the body’s injuries and limitations as well as the student’s discomforts and personal concerns.

About Jo Ann

Jo Ann Burtard is trained in the Iyengar tradition. Jo Ann has practiced yoga and been instructing over twenty years. Jo Ann’s intuitive and sensitive yoga instruction techniques encourage her students to safely and comfortably expand their physical concepts and range of motion; all while increasing their strength. Jo Ann uses the power of breathing as the main foundation of her yoga practice. Students begin to discover their main areas of limitations, the origins of their muscular tightness, and they can begin resolving the issues they face naturally and effectively. Her detailed attention to the individual is seen in the work and healing she has facilitated within her clients. Jo Ann offers an amazing yoga experience for beginners to experienced yogis.

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