My Experience with Yoga and Shiatsu as Conducted by Jo Ann Burtard


To begin let me point out that Patricia, my wife, had been doing yoga and shiatsu with Jo Ann for five years before I started. I pooh-poohed it as useless until Pat suggested I try it to alleviate my aches and pains due to a diagnosed stenosis condition. At first I experienced very little relief for the first few months of attending yoga class and taking shiatsu treatment.  However, Jo Ann was very confident that eventually my condition would improve. She was working primarily on my posture. I responded slowly and eventually was able to maintain stance more conducive to less strain on my lower back. Gradually I became more convinced that this treatment would eventually work. At about the half year point Jo Ann had given me a set of yoga routines to do on my own. I adopted them religiously, doing them every morning. At the one and half year point a remarkable transition took place. The strange sensations in my legs disappeared for extended periods, like hours.


Let me describe what I understand about Jo Ann’s approach to helping overcome pain. To begin with she capitalized on my use of bicycling as a form of exercise. I used to bicycle commute extensively, but had stopped almost completely and even reduced my recreational use considerably. She recognized my attitude needed changing, and whenever I responded with”I’ll try” to her advisories about getting on the bike she would insist on “I will” as the proper response. The teacher in her came through loud and clear, not only in this context, but throughout all her yoga classes. At times I would come out of sessions aching, but the next day there would be significant physical improvement.


To summarize Jo Ann’s knowledge of physiology along with her extensive experience and expertise with yoga and shiatsu makes her a remarkably effective practitioner and teacher.

George Glass, September 26, 2015