Jo Ann Yoga

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu (指圧) is a form of Japanese bodywork that applies thumb pressure on points throughout the body. Through manipulation of these points along connected pathways, called meridians, blockages are relieved and vital energy, known as “chi”, is released. This energy can positively facilitate healing, encourages lymphatic drainage, and eases muscular pain, often experience with rheumatoid arthritis.

Let her fingers contribute towards your healing.

Jo Ann holds a massage license in New Mexico. She learned Shiatsu massage at the Aisen Chiro Doin Inc. in Honolulu, Hawaii, a center that has been providing over 40 years of licensed therapy education.

I am 62 years and for 10 years I suffered from a Candida-like fungal infection that affected my digestion, leg muscles, and my mind. Diet and treatments with needles and massage helped, but still, I was weak. I spent my whole life enjoying the outdoors, but I could barely hike half
a mile because of this disease.
After my first yoga class, I was hooked and replaced all my treatments with a regular yoga schedule and bi-monthly Shiatsu sessions. In the last 3 years, Jo Ann helped me build strength and balance in a safe and effective way.

Now I deploy on search and rescue missions with my dog, often walking for a number of miles at high elevations with steep terrain. I would not be able to do this without the instruction, encouragement, and support from her.


In conjunction with yoga, shiatsu massage complements the all-body healing process. During your first one-on-one Shiatsu massage, Jo Ann will advise you on the most optimal healing regiment that will include Iyengar yoga routines as well.

Shiatsu massage – $100/session
Shiatsu massage in the comfort of your home – $150/session