Jo Ann Yoga

Therapeutic Yoga

Pain alerts us not to pop a pill, but to take care of our body. Listen, explore the cause and through yoga, you will find a solution that works for you.

Yoga is naturally therapeutic, and the combination of physical exercise, mental stimulation from each pose, and spiritual exploration of oneself have long-lasting positive results.

I have been participating in Jo Ann’s yoga classes for 25 years, and after repair of a broken femur, experienced the benefit of all I had learned from her. The first walk after surgery, I unconsciously put one foot in front of the other instead of limping to favor the surgical leg. My Physical Therapist noticed that due to yoga, I had unusually good body awareness and strength that allowed me to progress more rapidly than most. At the end of the second PT session, she asked, “Would you like to try a Downward Dog?”
When Jo Ann received the photo of my 5-days-post-surgery yoga poseshe was even more pleased than I was. Deservedly so!


Therapeutic yoga is more than just “doing no more harm.” It dives much more deeply into the cause of the problem, which may be physical, mental or spiritual, or a combination of them all. In alleviating your problem, Jo Ann will combine proven therapeutic asanas and inform you when to avoid others. Most importantly, she will assist you in executing them with precision.

Next, you will explore the connection between the asana, physical and mental imbalances. Jointly, you will develop solutions that are coupled with a combination of Jo Ann’s knowledge, experience and intuition, and your body’s response. Specific breathing routines will become instrumental in enhancing the healing process. Many students find yoga to be a therapeutic tool, one that has very positive side effects, as their whole beings come into a healthier state of balance.

Jo Ann’s weekly classes and workshops are therapeutic in nature, and you should join a class once or twice a week if you can. However, the one-on-one therapeutic yoga session will focus on your specific need, and Jo Ann will be able to dedicate undivided attention just to you.

One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga – $100/session
One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga in the comfort of your home – $150/session