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Typically the Yoga Retreat takes place at
Our Lady of Guadalupe Abbey in Pecos, New Mexico.
It is an enriching time to get away, unwind, and recharge.

Retreats at the Guadalupe Abbey Monastery, set in the Pecos Mountains, will invigorate you because of the peaceful natural surroundings, where you can escape your daily routines and switch off from technology. Delicious and healthy meals that are appropriate for yoga practice are prepared by the Monks. Throughout the weekend you will have time to enjoy nature and connect with your own body and spirit.

I have been studying Yoga with Jo Ann for 25 Years. Her discipline and dedication to teaching have inspired me to continue my practice for all these years.
I am a plein air artist, a method that is very physical and requires many hours of standing. Restorative yoga poses, in particular, help me maintain a calm and introspective mind that I bring to my painting.
I revere the truth and beauty of nature, and painting outdoors allows me to connect with its energetic essence, as well as absorb the colors, sounds, and imagery of the landscape.

Our Lady Devine, TOBI CLEMENT

From Santa Fe take North I-25 to exit 299, NM50, Glorieta. Cross over the interstate and turn right on NM50. Proceed to the main intersection in Pecos and turn left on NM63. The Abbey is about 1 and ½ miles on the left.

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