Jo Ann Yoga

Yoga Workshops

Workshops are offered on Zoom on Friday from 9:15 am – 11:15 am.
This two-hour yoga practice is more comprehensive and dynamic and will incorporate individual postures that address individual needs. Workshops offer more time to concentrate on particular poses, making a workshop more beneficial and restorative.

Friday 2-hour workshop
9:15 to 11:15 am is offered every other week!
Please call or text (505-930-1431)

or email

In my professional practice, I treat patients with various chiropractic techniques, which involves moving the joints of the spine and extremities to increase range of motion. Through this neurological stimulation, I can assist in the healing process of many neuromusculoskeletal conditions. The muscles of the spine are not under conscious control, they are non-volitional, posture stabilizing muscles. Therefore, a chiropractor moves the joints that are fixated, allowing for better function. 
In contrast, Yoga requires the student to do the work! An experienced yoga teacher can assist the healing process by guiding the student in the most effective poses (both active and restorative) that will support the continued proper movement of the joints and muscles of the body. 
When I see a patient, I always let them know that after the manipulations, they must continue to engage in proper postural activities in order to keep their spine and joints healthy. Jo Ann’s 2-hour yoga workshop offers an appropriate amount of time to strengthen the postural muscles and to complement the chiropractic work. Movement is the key to life, and yoga teaches us to move with intention.

Adjustments are key
to a restorative pose.
Perfection in strapping up.
Breathing deeply in every pose.
Preparing props with
attention to detail.