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Yoga can train the mind and body and help athletes become more agile, stronger and focused. The principle of Iyengar yoga is to integrate the body as a whole and shift the emphasis toward the quality of the movement.

All exercise has the capacity to make us feel good. There’s a sense of accomplishment after working out; runners often report a massive rush of endorphins known as a “runner’s high,” but these effects are usually short-lived. Yoga, on the other hand, has the ability to accompany you along the way, while you train hard to reach your peak, when you succeed in winning the medal, and when you return to your fitness maintenance routines. In addition, yoga has the ability to create lasting changes that result in improved mood, concentration, and reduced stress during this journey. Iyengar yoga is for any athlete at any age, and in particular takes a holistic approach incorporating groups of muscles, thus enabling you to “training smarter, not harder.”

My patient and sometimes Taos ski buddy, Jo Burtard, is unique in her dedication to sports and activity. Despite the occasional injuries inevitable in “ultra” athletes and a need for past surgery and recovery, Jo continues to perform at the highest level. A unique memory is watching Jo running along the railroad tracks to her post-operative clinic appointment in Santa Fe, while I was driving to the clinic on my way to work. Normal activities for Jo include winning cycle cross and road race championships and riding the Continental Divide Trail from Canada…in other words, she is extraordinary.

James H. Lubowitz, MD
Editor-in-chief: Arthroscopy and Arthroscopy Techniques journals
Founding Director, emeritus, Taos Orthopaedic Institute

Jo Ann has trained a wide variety of athletes toward success including, Olympians, skiers, bikers, and a high-school level wrestling team on their path toward success. She also helped many with their rehabilitation from tired, strained mussels, and injuries.

Jo Ann believes in “active recovery” strategies. She has tested them on her own injuries, achieving mobility, strength, hence regaining motivation to continue her many athletic endeavors.

Join Jo Ann’s weekly classes and workshops and she will adapt exercises to your needs. However, during a one-on-one yoga session, Jo Ann will dedicate undivided attention just to you, and design daily practice routines you can practice in your own time and in your own environment.

Book a one-on-one yoga session,

  • To tailor your Iyengar yoga practice alongside your other athletic activity
  • To cultivate a restorative practice to reach your ultimate performance, and stay at your peak longer
  • To maintain an athletic lifestyle throughout your golden years
  • To manage an injury-free athletic activity
  • To recover from a sports injury, and buildup your mobility, strength, and motivation

One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga – $100/session
One-on-One Therapeutic Yoga in the comfort of your home – $150/session

Jo Ann is also equipped to develop an Iyengar yoga-focused sports recovery routine for youth suffering from school sports injuries.