Jo Ann Yoga

Weekly Yoga Classes

During each class, students will follow asana, which is a sequence of movements and breathing techniques, and which Jo Ann may adjust to your ability or physical need. In fact, asana means “comfortable seat”, and so you will get the body ready to sit comfortably in preparation to align your body and mind, and prepare it for meditation. Iyengar says in Light on Life, “asana calms and strengthens the nervous system while yogic breathing or pranayama calms and strengthens the mind.” 
Classes are either 90-minutes, or 120-minutes in length.

I do Iyengar yoga to keep my muscles and joints strong and flexible. Since yoga involves using the breath to calm the mind, it offers many benefits in our daily, stressful lives. I often refer patients to yoga classes in order for them to become conscientious regarding their posture and how they move through space.
Jo Ann’s teaching technique is light and forgiving. There is no judgment. Since she knows her students’ weaknesses and strengths, she will offer alternatives if the challenge is too great on that particular day. On the other hand, she will not allow a student to be lazy. She will urge and assist students to move into a posture, setting them up for success. In order to avoid taking ourselves too seriously, her classes always leave room for laughter and lightheartedness.


NEW Prices for 2024 – ZOOM & In-Person

1.5-hour Asana class – $22
2-hour Friday workshop – $33

Multi-week payment options – 20% discount

6 – Week Program
1 x Week

1.5-hour class, a total of 9 hours of yoga – $110

6 – Week Program
2 x Week

1.5-hour class, a total of 18 hours of yoga –$220